Affiliate Disclosure



In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) introduced a new code for exposure conformity. This is the new law that confirms to expose by FTC that whenever a user or someone who watches different media on the website, will be able to know whether the blogger or the distributor of the particular link is sponsored, approved, or is a connection with other the organization. 

This law will also let the customers or the users know that whether the blogger or distributor of the particular link is being profited by sharing the link or any item on the web page. This law clearly indicates the bloggers and distributors who send different links and items on the web pages.


The affiliate link is the way of approaching the customers through different websites or alternative forums. This means that whenever you visit any website and you see an ad about any item. When you click on the link, the customer gets in direct contact with the vendor and purchases the item specifically from him directly.

For instance, if there is an item for sale, the ad is on the website of (Toms Land) , and if you click on the item, you will directly visit the page and contact the affiliated link, which is selling the item.

The affiliated links pay the website for putting up their ads. Amazon and other affiliated links pay the abountmen website. The amount is a little commission from the items sold or any other means of compensation. It can also be a way of giving them some commission through their member program. 

However, whatever product you buy, whether it is from the affiliated link or non-affiliated link, the cost of the product will be the same. There is no way that you are being charged more than the normal rate of the item.

However, two major affiliated programs are there for selling the product through links. Those two major programs are:

  1. Amazon member (affiliate link)
  2. Item affiliate link


The website (Toms Land)  is affiliated with Amazon Associates Program. This program is about affiliating with Amazon and through which the company, Amazon, gives cash by promoting items, links, and other things related to Amazon on the website.

 Those customers who buy products from the affiliated link, the Amazon Company, give a commission of around 5%. If the blogger or the user clicks on an item placed by the affiliated link, until 24 hours, the blogger gets a little commission.

Amazon affiliates with the (Toms Land)  website and promotes its items and products through the website. However, the product which is displayed on the website by Amazon affiliated link, the website does not get paid by only clicking on the product. 

The procedure for this is that in case you click on some product, visit the Amazon website, and remain on the site while searching and looking for products. If you buy any product from Amazon, (Toms Land)  will get a commission from that deal.


This affiliation is quite similar to the affiliated link. This affiliation is also the same procedure. If the blogger clicks on the item or the product and buys it, the website will get a commission from the deal or any other kind of compensation. 

However, the cost of these commissions is not too much when comparing the affiliated links. Searching more of the website will not charge you extra. The affiliated links are not measured as pay per click deal. 

You just need to go on the link and buy the product from the website, and from that purchase, the commission is given to the website.

The affiliated links pay the website by putting up their ads. This affiliation helps them to sell their products. The website where they put up their ads or related links is paid when the blogger or user clicks on the item and buys the product. However, there is no chance of getting the payment by just clicking on the ad. 

For that reason, the user must buy any product or remain on the page for quite some time. These affiliated links are mostly the popular links that are renowned such as Amazon. Amazon is the company that pays the website (Toms Land)  for uploading their product-related links on the website.

If, in any case, the user or blogger buys the product, (Toms Land)  will get around 5% commissions from the deal. This way, both the company and the website gets profit. 

However, this is the new law commissioned by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to allow the affiliated links to open up and show the distributor is either sponsored, a member of other organizations, or approved by some group. 

Other than the Amazon associate program, there are many affiliate programs that are arranged by different companies that pay for putting up their ads on their website. However, (Toms Land)  has joined an affiliation program with Amazon. Therefore, on this website, you will be able to see products and items which belong to Amazon. 

The new commission on the disclosure of affiliated links has made it easy for the people to know about the distributor of the product. People who want to buy any product relating to the affiliated link can easily see the distributor, as the FTC has made it transparent and obvious for the distributor to disclose their companies. 

Affiliated links have different kinds of products, which are needed or important for the people. (Toms Land)  deals with the products that are linked with Amazon. Therefore, on this website, the user or blogger will be able to find products or items which are related to Amazon.

(Toms Land)  clearly allows Amazon to use their website. Other than Amazon, (Toms Land)  does not have any other affiliate program, as this website is a member of the affiliation association of Amazon. Therefore, the link of Amazon and its product is transparent and visible, as the user or blogger will be able to see the product description along with the distributor, according to the new law opposed by FTC.